Weld-Crete Case Studies

Case Studies

Weld-CreteThe Caribbean Bonds with Weld-Crete®
Larsen Products has opened a new chapter in company history with the broad acceptance of Weld-Crete worldwide as illustrated by our success in the Caribbean.

Weld-CreteWeld-Crete® Case Study
In this case study, Mexcon, Inc. from Worcester, NY uses Weld-Crete® in the installation of Detecto-Tile precast concrete tiles.

Weld-CreteLA Mission College Health & PE Fitness Center Case Study
In this case study, a new light weight concrete roof surface is placed over an old concrete surface on the Health & PE Fitness Center of the Los Angeles Mission College.

Weld-Crete® Applications

  • King Khaled International Airport, Saudi Arabia
    Bonding portland cement plaster
  • Vandenberg Air force Base, Lompoc California
    Bonding fire resistant concrete to blast pad
  • Kennedy Space Center, Florida
    Bonding refractory concrete to flame trench
  • Big Walker Mountain (I77)
    Bonding scratch coat to tunnel walls
  • I95, Occoquan, Virginia
    Bonding construction joints
  • World Building, Taipei, Taiwan
    Bonding topping to plaza and stairs
  • Satsop Nuclear Power Plant, Washington
    Bonding portland cement plaster to cast in place concrete
  • Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant, Washington, D.C.
    Bonding topping to treatment tanks
  • Arizona State University Auditorium
    Bonding stone aggregate finish
  • L’Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C.
    Bonding terrazzo
  • Greater Pittsburgh Airport, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Bonding terrazzo
  • Brookwood Mall, Birmingham, Alabama
    Bonding stamped concrete
  • Philharmonic Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, New York
    Bonding floor topping and risers
  • Blair House, Washington, D.C.
    Bonding portland cement stucco
  • Gulfgate Shopping Center, Houston, Texas
    Bonding terrazzo
  • Cairo Hilton, Cairo, Egypt
    Bonding portland cement plaster
  • Fannie Mae Parking Garage, Washington, D.C.
    Bonding topping to precast planks
  • Pan American Airlines, Kennedy Airport, New York
    Bonding topping to maintenance ramps
  • City of Phoenix Sewage Treatment Plants, Phoenix, Arizona
    Bonding topping to treatment tanks
  • Columbia Records, Santa Maria, California
    Bonding topping to precast planks
  • Feather River Project, Los Angeles, California
    Bonding new concrete to stone walls
  • Van Norton Dam, Los Angles, California
    Bonding new concrete throughout to repair earthquake damage
  • James Island Expressway, Charleston, South Carolina
    Bonding concrete overlays to piers
  • Ravens Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland
    Bonding terrazzo
  • Dulles International Airport, Dulles, Virginia
    Bonding construction joints on people mover project
  • Aviara Four Seasons Resort, La Mesa, California
    Bonding stucco
  • Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut
    Bonding topping to existing parking garage slab
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